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WIN a luxe La Mav Skincare Ritual!

Winter months can mean dry, flaky, lackluster skin - so we're giving away a skin-changing, organic, cruelty free, vegan, power-packed Aussie La Mav skincare ritual to keep the dull skin at bay! Hooray!

Cold winds, heaters and colds and flu's wreak havoc on skin during the colder months so it's super important to have a rock solid beauty routine to keep your skin nourished and glowing!

Our fabulous La Mav giveaway includes;

The Award Winning Hydra Calm Cleansing Cream - this nourishing cleanser will easily remove the daily build up of makeup and grime and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Just gorgeous to use and packed full of nutrients for your skin!

After cleansing, use your La Mav Cranberry Exfoliating Scrub - a deeply cleansing exfoliant that will gently slough away dead skin cells and remove surface dirt and impurities to reveal bright, smoth skin. A great scrub is vital to let the moisture in and this one is good enough to eat! (literally!)

The La Mav Rose Hydrating Mist is just the tonic to to re-balance your skin’s pH and stimulate, refresh and revitalise. Formulated with Rosa Damascena (Rose), Jasmine and Geranium essential oils for a calm and soothing effect. Rose Hydrating Mist helps to reduce pore size appearance, moisturize and hydrate while removing surface impurities and toxins, as well as help prevent the visible signs of ageing. *Tip - always keep a mist hand in your bag or at work so you can hydrate throughout the day.

So, get entering and don't forget to share the love for more chances to win!

Good luck beautiful peaches!

Enter Here or click on the image above!


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Hemp Milk Recipe

Hemp Milk Hemp Milk is Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free and more nutritious than other milks and easy to make using our Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds.

Here in Australia we're only technically allowed to sell our incredible Hemp Seeds as 'topical skin care' - even though the health benefits of these little gems is incredible! Hemp seeds contain all 20 essential amino acids (including the 9 our bodies can't produce on their own) and are nature's highest source of essential fatty acids. They're also super high in protein, calcium, folate and phytonutrients - for a full list click here.

Hemp and marijuana are the same thing, right? ~ source

Unfortunately, hundreds of years of writing, music, culture, and politics have created a great deal of confusion about these plants. Canabis sativa is the genus and species of the two plants that we have come to know as hemp and marijuana. The subspeciessativa (full name Canabis sativa sativa) is hemp—a tall, fibrous plant which prior to the advent of the steam engine, was prized by sailors as an excellent material for making rope for ships and large sailing vessels. The subspecies indica (full name Canabis sativa indica) is a smaller, bushier plant whose leaves contain large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive compound which has made it a potent and popular recreational drug.

Ok - so disclaimer and political rant aside. Here's a fabulous recipe for HEMP MILK! Yay!

This nutritious milk also serves as a base for many other food and skincare recipes.


100g Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

25g Organic Almonds

1-2 tsp Cinnamon (optional)

1 drop Organic Vanilla Extract


Soak ingredients in 250ml water for 24 hours. No need to heat. Blend all ingredients thoroughly using a high powered blender (I love my Vitamix! It makes everything super duper smooth!).

Add a further 250ml water. Add the Cinnamon and Vanilla. Blend again. Filter through a cloth. (the residue can be dried and used as high protein flour in other recipes) Chill for at least one hour.

Keeps for 2-3 days.

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS (do not try all together)

1-2 fresh Figs

1/2 tsp freshly ground Cardamom (YUM!)

1 Banana or other fresh fruit - great for keeping kids interested in a healthy 'milkshake'.

1 tbsp Carob/Cacao powder

1/2 cup Carot juice to 1/2 cup Hemp milk

Raw Honey or Maple Syrup with Nutmeg

Cheers to good health!



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LOVE is all you need

I just love this spoken word video by Prince Ea.
Watch it all the way to the end and take the message with you wherever you go. Share if you can.



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Flight Skin Care, inspiration, wellness and Kym Jakovich's 'Sexy Sunshine Juice'


I love a range that is not only pure and natural but one that you can tell has been created with heart. Beauty and mindfulness is the perfect mix, so when I first tried Flight Skin Care  I was immediately impressed.

Flight Skin Care won me over with their rich, divine smelling, ethical and super effective products (particularly the Camellia Serum you gotta try it - the smell is nothing short of heaven in a jar!). The Flight skin care range has been impeccably created in the pristine region of Margaret River (my home away from home) with pure botanicals and is particularly fabulous for dry, mature and sensitive skin types.

We caught up with the beauty behind the beauty range Kym Jakovich to talk skin care, inspiration and to steal her recipe for 'Sexy Sunshine Juice'. Girl crush anyone? Keep reading for our awesome giveaway too!

How do you try to create balance and calm in your life.

Every day I wake knowing I have created the best possible life for me and my family so living a healthy balanced lifestyle is so important to me. I love the natural world and enjoy spending most of my time outdoors taking in the beauty and fresh air, I like bush walking, running along the beach, stair climbing and doing yoga on my deck in the early hours of the morning

What made you decide to create your own range of skin care?

Our skin is our biggest organ, so even if you eat right then put chemicals on your skin it can’t be good for you. We became more aware about what we were putting in and on our bodies and over time, we began to see the benefits of the natural world and the difference raw ingredients had on our body, skin and overall feeling.

We began formulating unique recipes that contained the highest quality essences, organic oils, raw materials, and extracts of herbs, botanicals, and active ingredients. In other words, we were looking for infusions that really work for healthier, more beautiful skin. 


What is the ideal behind the range?

Flight skin is an integral part of my everyday. It embraces everything I believe in and is the connection to living a healthier more balanced lifestyle. Flight creates a memorable experience, taking time out for you, time to relax, time to breathe and leaves you feeling more beautiful from the inside out. Inspired by nature and earth we wanted to strengthen the connection between us and the environment so we kept the carbon foot print low by not using fancy packaging and re packaging- unlike the bigger corporations.

We source the highest quality organic and natural ingredients from around the world and commit to keeping everything in the Flight Skincare range focused on the quality of the product itself-no compromises.

Your best beauty tip?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate- Drinking adequate amount of water daily is so important for overall good health because it aids in digestion, circulation absorption and even excretion. The skin is an organ and is made up of thousands of cells, and skin cells like any other cells in the body are made up of water. Without water, the organs (skin) will certainly not function properly or at their best.

Applying a hydrating moisturiser like Flight 'Silk protein hydrating day cream' or 'Pure Nourishing Night Cream' will nurture and absorb the nourishing hydration needed for the skin to glow. Also a Hyaluronic acid serum under your moisturiser, such as Flight 'Eternal Anti-ageing serum'. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its own weight in water, thus attracting water to the skin and holding it there.



What do you do to make yourself happy everyday?

My morning starts with waking up with a positive mindset, when your mind, cells, blood and skin are clean and detoxified, your body will look and feel amazing. Early morning yoga on my deck over looking the ocean is my happiest place. Then I increase digestion and detoxify organs with 1 litre of warm lemon water and awaken and cleanse my skin with Flight 'Sheer Luxury Milk Cleanser' it makes my skin glow.

What is your favourite juice/smoothie recipe?

My sexy sunshine juice Ignites and restores beauty on the inside and out x

1/2 cucumber

3 large stalks Kale

1 lemon

2 celery stalks

chunck of ginger

1 green apple

handful parsley

You've also gotta try the Flight Inner Beauty Tea - with rooibos, blueberries, rose and white tea it's ridiculously good!

Off to whip up one of Kym's juices now! You can check out the complete range of Flight Skin Care here and follow this total babe on instagram too @kym_jakovich


For your chance to WIN a Flight 'Floating Hydration Serum' valued at $67, simply share this post and comment 'Why you would like to try the Flight Serum for yourself!'

Winner announced Friday 13th June.

Best of luck!

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Superfoods De-mystified - Benefits of Acai and Cacao

Happy New Year!

At the start of the year most of us begin with a health kick - but a health kick implies that it’s temporary and good health should be a way of life. It should be simple and easy to incorporate into your day to day living so that you don’t feel like you’re ‘being good’ you just feel like you’re ‘being you’.

So if you’re relatively new to things like Green Smoothies and Superfoods - stick around. We’ll be sharing some great recipes and de-mystifying some of the ingredients and buzz words so you can get on the health train for life (Woot woot!).

I’m a huge fan of the morning smoothie - it’s too easy just to blitz in your superfoods in one fell swoop and get your daily intake quickly, setting you up for a great day. They fill you up, boost your energy and even if you have a little lapse during the day, you can feel great that your body has already been given the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

NO - superfoods don’t taste horrible - ok, well spirulina by itself - yeah you got me there, even a hardcore health nut like me will still baulk at that taste - but my point is, when blended with other great ingredients, I promise you won’t even notice them (nor will the kids) and you will quickly adapt and begin to love the taste- which means it’s something that can become a part of your daily routine easily.

It’s about experimenting. There are some incredible recipe sites (that I will share with you at the end) packed full of super incredible, easy recipes. So lets start breaking down a few of the key superfoods.

Acai - (pronounced Ah-Sigh-EE). This awesome, dark purple amazonian berry tastes like just that, berries...but mixed with dark chocolate! For real! Just got a lot more appealing didn’t it? The deep purple colour also means it’s fun to play with in the kitchen if whipping something up for the kids. You don’t need a lot and it’s absolutely packed with antioxidants - meaning it’s great for fighting diseases, lowering cholesterol, improving circulation, reducing inflammation, boosting energy and is great for skin with lots of anti-ageing properties! 1-3 tablespoons in a smoothie or on top of your cereal per day is an easy habit that the whole family can get in on. Not scary at all right? 

(this is what Cacao looks like straight off the tree)

Cacao (Cacao Powder and Cacao Nibs) - if you initially got this mixed up with Cocoa, you wouldn’t be the first (yes, even my first attempt at ‘Cacao’ ended up in a sickly sweet ‘Cocoa’ mess!). Cacao is essentially Cocoa (are you keeping up? it’s confusing!) in it’s raw form. Cacao is a ‘bliss food’ - meaning that it’s actually great for use as a natural anti-depressant! Again it’s super high in antioxidants but it’s also exceptionally high in magnesium which is the most important mineral for a healthy functioning heart. When there is an abundance of magnesium available to the body, the brain operates with higher levels of clarity and focus. Cacao is a great source of serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine (PEA), four well-studied neurotransmitters, which are associated with feelings of well being and help alleviate depression. We have all experienced the positive feelings associated with eating chocolate, now we have access to pure raw unadalterated chocolate in the form of Organic Raw Cacao. This is much more potent than the processed chocolate and doesn't have any sugar or dairy products blocking the positive effects of all the goodies in Raw Cacao and it still has a chocolatey taste meaning you can get the kids to drink it and make some seriously yummy and healthy desserts with it!

So that’s just two of my favourite superfoods and just the tip of the ice-berg. We’ll be looking at more awesome superfoods in depth in the next few blog posts to help demystify these incredible foods and get you incorporating them into your and your family's daily life like a pro!

Here are some great recipes to get you started!

Salted Caramel Choc Slice with Raw Cacao

Acai Truffles;


1½ Tbsp Coconut Oil

⅓ Cup Acai Powder

2 Tbsp Cacao Powder

2 Tbsp Cacao Nibs

2 Tbsp Coconut Palm Sugar

8 Large Medjool Dates

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

1 pinch Sea Salt

Combine all ingredients in a food processor, except for the cacao nibs, and process until a dense acai dough has formed. Add in the nibs and pulse a couple times to combine.

A heaping teaspoon at a time, roll into roughly 3cm balls, and place on a plate.* Place plate in the refrigerator for one hour or longer before serving. Makes 16 truffles. NOTE: Always serve chilled, or truffles will be too soft.

*Optional: Roll truffles in a plate of acai powder to dust exterior before refrigerating.




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20 Things We Should Say More Often

I just had to share this little video with you all - it's so wonderful. You know when you get that little laugh / cry / happy thing going on that brightens your whole day? Yep, that was me.


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Coca-Cola sued for 'Healthwashing'

Ever thought that choosing Vitamin Water was a healthy substitute for sugar laden soft drink? Love the claims that each of the flavours can help boost immunity, energy and even fight eye disease? Oh dear, you've been had.

Greenwashing and healthwashing drive this Peach absolutely banana's! As consumers we're lied to so often and so effectively by so many companies that often we can no longer tell fact from fiction.

Did you know that Vitamin Water contains on average almost as much sugar as Coke? (Coke = 39g of sugar in each can vs Vitamin Water = 32g of sugar per bottle) Essentially, it's uncarbonated soft drink.

Well finally it looks like the good guys might have a win with a huge class action law suit filed against Coca-Cola (makers of Vitamin Water) for false marketing and misleading claims- what we like to call "big fat whopping porky pies"

Here's the low-down on the law suit against the 'junk food' drink kids;

"The suit, which was originally filed back in 2010 by the nonprofit health advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), alleges that Coca-Cola has been engaged in what can only be described as blatant labeling fraud. Vitaminwater's "Power-C" flavor, for instance, claims to deliver "zinc and vitamin C to power your immune system," while the "XXX" flavor is branded as containing "antioxidant vitamins to help fight free radicals and help support your body."

Both claims are an immense exaggeration, as these two vitaminwater products are composed primarily of water, sugar, and a handful of synthetic vitamins, which is hardly a recipe for robust immunity. And yet this is the overall image being portrayed by Coca-Cola for its Vitamin Water line of beverages, which is really nothing more than glorified soda pop without carbonation.

"The marketing of Vitamin Water will go down in history as one of the boldest and brashest attempts ever to affix a healthy halo to what is essentially a junk food, a non-carbonated soda," says Michael F. Jacobson, Executive Director of CSPI. "Vitaminwater, like Coca-Cola itself, promotes weight gain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cannot deliver on any of the dishonest claims it has made over the years."

Want water with extra benefits that's ACTUALLY healthy for you? Ditch the rainbow coloured drinks and try adding a little Organic Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder to your water - easy to take with you on the go. Or just drink water like your mother taught you ;) 

Tell us what you think - should all companies be accountable for their false advertising and misleading claims? Or is it a case of buyer beware?

Learn more:

*Courtesy of Natural News

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Proof! You are beautiful!

Beautiful peaches - and I do mean beautiful - this is a fabulous video that all women should watch about appreciating their natural and true beauty.

This is an ad for Dove - (don’t get me started on the toxic ingredients in their products and the fact if they actually cared about women and looking after them, they would remove the ingredients that are causing men, women and children so many serious health issues...however let that not detract from this fabulous video about how women are so off the mark when it comes to body image) - it’s wonderful! (oh I’m so conflicted ha ha!)

The women in the ad were asked to arrive at a location, spend some time with a stranger and then take a seat behind a curtain while FBI trained forensic sketch artist Gil Zamora asked the women to describe their looks for him to sketch.

Afterwards, the strangers that the women had been asked to spend time with earlier described the looks of these same women to the sketch artist with very different results.

Take a look and see - if someone asked to sketch you purely from your descriptions - would you describe yourself as beautiful? If not? Why not?

I haven't seen you watching this video but I think you're beautiful... you should too ;)

*Do remember that health is more important than beauty and while the campaign is fabulous for highlighting our body issues - don't fall for it! The toxic ingredients in Dove products are linked to some serious health issues like breast cancer, infertility, seriously, can a company that makes 'Bleaching Creams' for whiter skin really comment on 'Real Beauty'? Be smarter than a great advertising campaign peaches - you deserve beauty AND your health.



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Hooray! At last! The European Union has now officially banned all animal testing for cosmetics...for good!

So what does this mean? It means we’ve taken a massive step in the right direction. It means that companies like L’Oreal can no longer sell new finished products or products with ingredients that have been tested on animals anywhere in Europe.

All products made with the blood, bile and tears of animals before the ban came into place are still able to be sold, but companies will now have to find alternative methods of testing to allow any ‘new’ products to hit the shelves.

I have long been against animal testing for blindingly obvious reasons (nothing at Peachy Clean has ever been tested on animals! - majority of our products are even vegan friendly!) and many will argue that animal testing is needed to trial products before being safe for human consumption, however cosmetics is just not one of those necessities - no matter which way you powder your nose!

While China still require animal testing on all cosmetics to be sold by law, thankfully Europe has taken the first step to counteract this. Big companies will now have to provide two versions of any new products - one with animal testing for China and one without any animal testing for Europe so we’ll see what happens in the coming years but hopefully the ban in European cosmetic sales will put pressure on the rest of the world and cosmetic companies to cease this needless cruelty.

At last - a giant leap in the right direction! Now don't you want to just go out and kiss all the bunnies you can find?

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Behind the scenes David Jones Autumn Winter 2013 Launch

The David Jones Autumn Winter 2013 launch was a bit of a spectacular affair and I was lucky enough to be hosting the Perth leg of the fashion soiree!

One of the things I love love love about the David Jones season launches is the support for Australian Designers and models - I mean, our kids are totally killing it on a global scale and it’s great to see that the tall poppy syndrome has been laid to rest long enough to give designers like Dion Lee, Ellery, Josh Goot, Camilla and Marc, Akira and the like a massive, well deserved fist pump!

Joining me on stage to introduce the new season frocks and jocks was super stylist Elizabeth Clarke - now when I say super stylist, I mean this woman has worked for Elle, Vogue, Grazia, with Miranda Kerr, Candace Bushnell, Kristy Hinze and even Tom Cruise and Vanessa Redgrave on the set of Mission Impossible! (Peaches stay tuned for a giveaway involving this amazing fashionista and Peachy Clean in the next month or so!) - that's some serious style cred!

Our fave models strutting the runway? The gorgeous, down to earth Miranda Kerr (of course!), Samantha Harris (the stunning indigenous Aussie model who was the 2nd ever to grace the cover of Vogue!) and the stunning Jessica Gnomes. 

Also getting our love were Perth models Adam Erceg (pictured above-you're welcome ladies ;)  and the super gorgeous (and lovely!) Caris Tiivel and Stacey Monaghan.

Who are your favourite Aussie designers and what new season staples will you be filling your wardrobe with?

Top image by Cameron Spencer Getty Images.

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