About Us

Working as a Television Presenter, Radio Announcer, MC and Party Columnist in sunny Western Australia, I began to question the effects of using so many beauty products on my skin on a daily basis. I was shocked to hear about the implications on my health that many of the ingredients found in everyday products had. All kinds of side effects like cancers, blindness, infertility, birth defects, asthma, immune and neuro disorders...the list is just endless and so scary and what's more, completely and utterly unnecessary. 

What's really scary is that many of the companies and brands with words like 'Organic' and 'Natural' emblazoned on their labels are often anything but. I soon found that to steer clear of these nasty and toxic chemicals, most people would need a degree in science to simply understand the ingredients written on the label. After years of researching the cause and effect of many hard-to-pronounce chemical lists, I realised that there was a real need for a truthful and comprehensive all natural skin care boutique where people could purchase their everyday products with complete faith that what they were buying was in fact a toxic free product - without needing the science degree.

After thorough and loving inspection I have put together a boutique stocking the most amazing toxic-free brands. Brands that are not only good for you, your loved ones and our planet but brands that make simply gorgeous products. Nature does know best and I am thrilled to bring you a collection of products I am sure you will love as much as I do.

Time to get glowing, happy skin!

Peace, Love and Peachyness

Haley (Peachy)