AEOS Optimal Essentials Kit



AEOS Optimal Essentials Kit is the perfect kit for travelling or to try a complete AEOS routine.

AEOS Optimal Essential Kit is designed for maximum hydration and nourishment and is the perfect introduction to this highly concentrated, biodynamic range. The ideal to take with you whilst traveling to ensure healthy, glowing skin whilst you're on the move.

AEOS products contain natural, organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences and essential oils, as well as spagyric tinctures of crystal energies, and the waveforms of colour.

This beautifully packaged AEOS Optimal Essential kit contains;

  • AEOS Cleansing Oil de-Maq 30ml
  • AEOS Dew Facial Wash 30ml
  • AEOS Gentle Cleansing Lotion (Blue) 10ml
  • AEOS Gentle Exfoliant (Blue) 10ml
  • AEOS Energising Conditioner 10ml
  • AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist 30ml
  • AEOS Realive Serum 30ml
  • AEOS Enriching Moisturiser (Blue) 10ml
  • AEOS Beauty Body Shower 10ml
  • AEOS Beauty Body Lotion 10ml

The very generous sizes of products included in this kit and the small amounts needed to cleanse, tone and nourish your skin mean that the products in the Optimal Essentials Kits are extremely long lasting.

All AEOS products are highly concentrated.
A little goes a long way, so please use sparingly.

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